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WillSuite have developed a suite of simple online applications upping the game in Will writing for Will Writers, Solicitors, Financial Advisors and Accountants.

Let us handle your production of Wills, LPAs and Severance of joint tenancies, client management and appointment booking.

Working with an award-winning STEP-qualified Solicitor with the Advanced Certificate in Will Drafting, we’ve ensured our wording is not only legally sound, but also in an elegant and plain English language everyone can understand. That being said if you like the sound of “per stirpes” and “en ventre sa mere” then you’re free to use your own wording and clauses.

We’re currently offering up to 60 documents per month for £89 which works out less than £1.50 each, have no contract tie-ins and a free trial, meaning If you can write just one Will per month you should be able to cover your costs.

Contact: Seb Shakh
Tel: 0330 223 0538
Email: [email protected]

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