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Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine of the UK’s best-loved charities. Every November, participating solicitors waive their fee for writing a basic Will. Instead, they invite clients to make a voluntary donation to Will Aid – we suggest £95 for a single basic Will and £150 for a pair of basic ‘mirror’ Wills.

With Will Aid, everyone benefits. You get a professionally drawn-up Will and peace of mind, while the charities receive much-needed donations for their vital work.

We need solicitors

We need to recruit more solicitors because in previous years we’ve had so many enquiries from people wanting Wills that we simply haven’t been able to service them all.

Taking part in Will Aid benefits everyone. It is a great way to attract interest in your firm and it gives you a unique opporunity to help some of the most vulnerable people both here in the UK and around the World.

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