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Willmaker Direct is an Online Software Package that allows you the Adviser, to set up a will for your clients simply and efficiently whilst providing you with the opportunity to increase both your client bank and your income.

Why use Willmaker Direct Will Writing Software?
The software creates a Will which is based in a 21st Century and is written in plan English and so is easily understood, even by a lay person, so no technical questions from your clients for you to answer. It does what it says!

An easy to use package, even when used by a complete novice. The system drafts the Will document using the responses entered into the software.

How is Willmaker Direct used?
Willmaker Direct can be used by sales forces of Life Assurance, General House Insurance, by Mortgage Brokers and IFAs, in fact anyone who has a client bank. The Instruction Sheet/Fact Find is simple to complete and can be completed either face to face, or over the phone. You may also choose not to fill out the Instruction Sheet and instead, input the client information directly into the Software.

Who can use this Software?
Anyone can, even those who have never taken a Will instruction before, will be able to input and process a simple and effective Will, for their clients.

Do I need any training?
No, and you do not require any Will Writing skills either. The software is designed to talk you through each stage of the process. It is really simple to use and allows you to produce Wills for your clients quickly.

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