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Tower Street Finance (TSF) was set up by an experienced management team who saw a need for relevant, accessible financial products which benefit administrators of estates, executors and beneficiaries.

We are passionate about using insight, data and our considerable experience to help customers with relevant products and services, including those who may be in financial difficulty.

Our first product is Inheritance Advance and others will follow.

It’s the first product of its kind to enable beneficiaries to get access to a large proportion of their inheritance much sooner than they’d normally be able to. We know that the probate process can take up to 12 months, but it can be much longer.

We have spent a lot of time with practitioners in the probate sector to get their feedback and understand their issues, which have been incorporated within the product and process design.

Why introduce your clients to Inheritance Advance?

  • It will save your time and resource as executors and beneficiaries will be less likely to call for updates on  their inheritance
  • There is no selling on your part – just a simple introduction to customers and providing their details to TSF, then provide TSF with the information you’d collect on the estate anyway
  • It’s a truly unique product with no credit checking, no charge on property or assets and no need for the beneficiary to make repayments or be liable for any shortfall
  • It will improve your service offering and increase customer satisfaction

TSF are also looking at other innovative products that will help practitioners and meet the needs of their customers – watch this space!


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Richard (Dicky) Davies, Business Development Director
Tel: 0343 504 7138
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn Acc: Dicky Davies


46 Tower Street
North Yorkshire

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