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The Society of Will Writers is a non-profit making self regulatory organisation, which seeks to protect the public and serve the interests of those men and women who are active professionals in our field.

The Society has two main objectives:

  • To promote to the public the real need to have a valid will
  • To act as a self-regulatory body by vetting practitioners through stringent membership requirements, proficiency standards and on-going training.

As soon as a person has decided to write their will, they may prefer to discuss personal affairs in the comfort and privacy of your their home. It is therefore vital to choose a will writer that is competent, professional and has the appropriate expertise and experience. All Society of Will Writers’ members go through a stringent vetting procedure and continuing training, to ensure that they are suitable persons to properly write a will. Anyone can call themselves a “will writer”, but only a properly trained professional can ensure that a person’s will is correctly drafted. Home-made or badly drafted wills can be just as bad (or even worse) than no will at all.

We encourage consumers not to be afraid to ask the will writer if he or she is a member of the Society. Why risk your entire estate to be dealt with under a Will drawn up by anyone other than a trained professional?

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