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About The Law Superstore

As a comparison site for legal services, The Law Superstore provides verified leads to legal partners all over the UK.

We offer legal service providers:

  • the opportunity to set their own pricing
  • use of geo-targeting to offer certain services in chosen areas
  • the ability to find clients who are ready to instruct
  • a free trial with no obligation to continue

Services listed on the site include buying and selling property, drafting joint and individual wills, divorce proceedings and child residency, as well as many others. We are not just a leads generation service – we’re a hub supporting legal professionals with great marketing, hot leads and the opportunity to convert in the services and areas most important to you.

The Law Superstore was bought by reallymoving in 2017. Reallymoving has provided over £600 million worth of work to their conveyancing partners in the last 10 years, and The Law Superstore is eager to do the same across all legal sectors.


Contact: Graham Stanbridge

Tel: 03302234500229

Address: Eclipse Court, 14B Chequer Street, St Albans, AL1 3YD

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