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Safe4 was formed in 2010 with the specific purpose of allowing professional practitioners the ability to share confidential documents with their clients, without having to risk the use of email attachments. To date we have worked with solicitors, accountants, financial advisers, medical professionals and also very high-profile public sector organisations who regard security as a prime requirement. Safe4 is now being rolled out by a leading international bank as a Digital Briefcase for the use of its online account-holders.

In 2015 Safe4 collaborated with the Society of Will Writers to create the Digital Inheritance Vault, a facility that allows its members to manage their clients’ inheritance and estate planning documents online, in a very secure environment. This is now being taken up by an increasing number of will-writers and estate planners, and is providing an incremental revenue stream for the professionals who are using it. The design of the vault permits the management of not only inheritance documents, such as wills, trusts, LPAs and letters of wishes, but also enables the end-clients to capture their Digital Legacy in a way that is completely private. Thus records of social media activities, email accounts, and online procurement services such as PayPal and eBay can also be made available to executors and future generations of the family.

Such is the secure nature of Safe4, and the Digital Inheritance Vault in particular, that clients can hold online account details, including passwords and PINs, in a section that cannot be accessed by the will-writer and is only visible to themselves. Making this available to executors when probate commences will not only allow the full value of the estate to be realised, but will also shorten the time taken to complete the process. The Society of Will Writers estimate that the use of a Safe4 vault will cut the probate process by between 2 and 4 months.

Safe4 offers a service that complies with the Solicitors Regulation Authority guidance on the use of cloud computing. This means storing all information in UK-only data centres accredited to the ISO 27001 international security standard. It also means full encryption of all data, rigorous annual penetration tests by UK Government-accredited agencies, and one-to-one contracts with professional practitioners under English Law.

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