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Lifeium is a legal technology company that is launching a digital will creation platform for law firms. The mobile app is a user interface that helps modernise will creation by capturing the necessary data from clients in as little as 15 minutes, following which a draft will is automatically generated.

The client then books an appointment to see a lawyer for advice to finalise the will, and makes payment for services via the mobile app. This cuts down the valuable time spent on seeking instructions to having a valid executed will. Law firms will have access to a management portal which allows them to have visibility of the client journey.

Top benefits for law firms are:

  1. KYC checks via a verified Digital ID provider
  2. Faster client onboarding through automatic generation of client care letters and other documents
  3. Synchronized appointment bookings, and payment collection
  4. Secure cloud-based storage of data and executed wills using the latest security features and encryption, protecting the client and the law firm’s data.

Lifeium also has other projects lined up and so we are very much invested in becoming a leading legal technology solution provider for the legal industry.

Key Services:

Will creation App and client management portal

Key contact:

Kevin Karue | Chief Executive Office

T: 07554 940294  E: [email protected]

A: 85A Main Street, Cambuslang, Glasgow, G72 8HD



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