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LEAP is legal case management software that allows you to do your work more effectively so your small firm runs more efficiently and profitably. It includes content that you will need, not an empty shell left for you to do all the hard work.

LEAP includes legal forms and precedent letters, all of which are kept up-to-date and highly automated for accuracy and ease of production. All common rates and charges are automatically adjusted and data capture fields are built in to each matter type so that you don’t have to spend months trying to customise the system. LEAP is pre-configured for your type of firm.

Because LEAP is only suitable for small law firms, all the feedback that we get is from people like you. As a result, LEAP is a remarkably practical and user friendly solution for anyone working in a small law firm.

We understand that compliance is important to law firms. Compliance should be a natural consequence of running a business well and running your business well should be a natural benefit of using great software. LEAP allows you to run your entire law firm from one application, eliminating the mess, confusion and risk that comes with using multiple programs and databases for different areas of practice or parts of the business.

Business conditions are constantly changing, that is why we invest more than £5,000,000 a year into Research and Development aimed solely at refining LEAP. We also invest in new technologies to make sure small law firms have access to every technological advantage larger firms do. This includes cloud technology. A cloud solution provides practices with complete mobility and the ability to access the same information from any device. Legal case management software is a major competitive advantage for small law firms.

With cloud technology, you no longer have the cost of servers, backups and maintenance. Simplify your IT with LEAP and your costs are massively reduced.

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