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Friends Legal are a Legal Services firm based in Scotland. We support you in deciding what is most important to you and your loved ones, and don’t make a difficult time any more confusing or expensive than it should be.

We guarantee transparent and fair pricing with no hidden fees or legal jargon. Our services include: Wills, Afterlife Planning, Power of Attorney and Trusts. Through life, you aim to love and provide for your family and friends, and we make sure that you continue to do so after your death. Alongside the huge emotional impact of a death, there are administrative burdens to deal with too. Our specialist team can offer practical as well as legal advice to help you through this time.

Contacting a lawyer can be a daunting process and we found that often when looking for Executory Services people are left confused by lawyer mystique and costs which they didn’t see coming when the process began.

This is what inspired us to offer the fair, fixed price service that was missing. Friends Legal have a new way of helping you though the process of death and our friendly team of experts are passionate about working alongside you through every stage of an emotional process.

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Name: Amy Wardrop
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