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Executor Solutions are a specialist property company providing property solutions for the legal sector to help legal partners to save time, whilst knowing that an estate’s property is being suitably managed and save money for the estate.

Our dedicated teams combine expertise with sensitivity to provide a complete end-to-end solution to help manage any aspect of property left vacant by the passing of its owner or where a home needs to be sold to pay for the assisted living or specialist care of its owner:

  • protect and maintain property, to put it in the best position for the best sale result
  • to market and sell property in the quickest timescales and for the best possible price
  • support our legal partners through a range of services relevant to the needs of managing an estate including; document and property search to locate items – wills, valuable items, genealogies, bank statements, other documents, valuation and sale of personal items.

Working with legal partners

Working with executors, professionals or individuals, we aim to make the process of protecting, maintaining, and selling Probate and/or Court of Protection property efficient, cost effective, auditable and stress-free for every client.

Delivering the best possible results

We are committed to getting the very best results for our clients, selling properties quickly and for the best possible price. With the ability to tailor our expertise to individual situations and requirements and following the correct Inheritance Tax compliance regulations, we ensure that the process runs smoothly every time.

It’s how we do business that matters

We are a friendly, approachable company, experienced in all aspects of property maintenance, management, marketing and sale related to Probate and Court of Protection.

We combine experience, expertise, knowledge and a team of specialists we are passionate about delivering high-quality customer service that can be relied upon and we are pleased that we have been able to partner with and assist many executors in their pursuit of the best outcomes for their estate.

Key Services

  • Zero Fee Open House – Sell probate property with absolutely no fees, preserving the value of the inheritance
  • Vacant Property Insurance easy and quick to arrange. Ideal in circumstances where regular inspections are a challenge and for those managing multiple properties.
  • Property Valuation comprehensive, thoroughly evidenced, easy-to-read, HMRC compliant property valuation reports
  • Property Sale Using a range of approaches to proactively sell property for the right price in as quick a time as possible
  • Property Maintenance services to assess condition, make repairs, protect property and prepare property for sale; Property security, Property clearance, Garage clearance, Garden maintenance, Redecoration works, Surveys (EPC, Drains Homebuyers, Damp & Timber, Wall Tie Reports, Tree Risk, Japanese Knot Weed)
  • Compliance, Inspections and Reports Electrical Installation Condition Report (ECIR), Gas Safety Inspection, Building Survey, Building Condition Report
  • Document and Asset SearchesPhysical and digital searches to locate assets, chattels and data.

Key contact:

Michael Edwards, Client Services Director
E: [email protected]
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelje/ 
T: 0808 164 6390
A: The Fairways, Earls Colne Business Park, Earls Colne, Essex, CO6 2NS
W: https://www.executorsolutions.co.uk/

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