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DUAL Asset can provide insurance solutions when you need to distribute an estate, but are concerned about the potential legal pitfalls and uncertainties, which may affect the process.

We have created tailored and innovative solutions to address even the most contentious cases. We are the only provider of a comprehensive insurance product, which includes missing beneficiary, missing will and will dispute cover, amongst 13 other potential risks, protecting both personal representatives and the beneficiaries of the estate.

Our probate policies can act as an alternative to going to court, avoiding the need for a costly and lengthy legal process. Insurance policies have been the go-to solution for the aggrieved party in numerous Professional Indemnity claim cases, where mistakes have been made in the drafting of a will.

Our policies protect and pay claims, which in a worst case scenario could mean paying out the whole value of the estate again, to an aggrieved party. The policy will also pay defence costs for those cases which need defending, as well as legal costs incurred. This is without recourse to innocent beneficiaries, who have already inherited, and their legal representatives.

We can also provide insurance for legal rights claims relating to missing children and claims from creditors that cannot be resolved. Whether distribution of an estate is held up because of a known dispute, or for peace of mind, please contact DUAL Asset.

Contact: Kate Thorp | Manager – Inheritance & Estate Protection

Tel: +44 (0)207 337 8775

Email: [email protected]

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