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Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Limited (CTTC Ltd) is an established Company providing Legal Services, Probate, Professional Executor and Trustee services, providing advice in all aspects of Estate Planning and Asset Protection.

CTTC Ltd is recognised as a leading figure in the industry due their wealth of experience and technical knowledge in the legal and financial sector. This year, they were chosen to feature in The Parliamentary Review, Law & Justice Edition, alongside Prime Minister Theresa May, Joe Egan, and the Chairman of the Review Sir Eric Pickles.

CTTC Ltd also provides the highest level of technical support to Advisers who work in both Financial Services and Will Writing businesses alike.

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd is part of a group of companies providing advice in all aspects of Estate Planning and Asset Protection.

Countrywide Group of Companies:

Countrywide Partners

Whether you are a large company, sole trader, new to the business or experienced, CTTC Ltd has the expertise and flexibility to provide you with your perfect partnership.

Countrywide Legacy

As CTTC Ltd has worked in the Will writing industry for many years, they understand exactly what you require in a legal document drafting system. Countrywide Legacy is arguably the only software package that ensures you save time, save money, and deliver a better service to your clients.

With thousands of users across the UK, Countrywide Legacy has a large range of products and services available for your clients (76 and counting), everything from a simple Will, to a Trust of Land.

Willmaker Direct

Willmaker Direct is online software which allows you, the Adviser, the set up simple Wills for your clients in minutes, whilst providing you with the opportunity to increase both your client and your income. From as little as £5 + VAT per Will!


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