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Charity Financials

CharityFinancials is the only fully interactive online tool containing the latest available financial information on 163,000 charities, giving a unique overview of the total charities market over financial, causal, beneficiary and geographical parameters.

For an even more detailed look at the third sector marketplace, allows you to manipulate the full financial breakdowns of the top 5,000 charities, giving you a deeper understanding of the sector, from financial analysis right through to contact details of key people.

Charity Choice

Charity Choice is made up of three printed UK charity directories and a website of charitable and voluntary organisations within the UK.

Our mission to help people find charities and information about charities. We distribute our printed editions to thousands of wills and probate solicitors looking for suitable charities for their clients’ final bequests. Our website at holds information on over 160,000 UK charities.

Solicitors and will makers – do your bit for charity!

At Charity Choice we’re passionate about promoting legacy giving. We’ve worked hard so that solicitors, legal advisers and will makers using Charity Choice have the best tools and information available to help people make decisions about leaving gifts in their wills to charities. If a client is undecided or needs a bit more time to think about which charity is right for them, you can also direct them to, where we’ve built a Gifts in Wills section to give people more information on how to leave a legacy to the charity of their choice.

Don’t have a copy in your office?

Simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a free copy!

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