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Company overview is the business behind Arken Professional – an intuitive, intelligent, document-generating tool. Leading the way in technology and innovative software for the Wills and probate industry since 1992,’s products have created over 6 million Wills for Private Client Solicitors, Will Writers, Accountants, Trust Companies and other legal service providers globally. continues to expand its product suite to aid business efficiency with digital solutions including Arken Acquire (a digital fact find / data capture), Arken Anywhere (an offline version of Arken Professional that syncs with your account when back online), Arken API (integration with your CMS for a seamless transfer of data and reduction of re-keying), Trust Referencer (access the most up-to-date information on tax treatments and specific Trusts) and online Wills.

Superpower your productivity, reduce risk, digitise your business, delight clients.

Take a step closer to a brighter, more productive future by booking a demo at runs weekly how-to training webinars for Arken Professional users every Wednesday. Please email [email protected] to register. A full schedule can be found on our webinar and events page.

Key Services

Arken ProfessionalA comprehensive, up-to-date and secure document generation solution built specifically for the Private Client Sector. Built by lawyers, its industry-leading software has produced over 6 million Wills.

Arken AcquireA digital fact find and lead generation tool. A tool that captures data from your clients, which is then used in the drafting of key estate planning documents. Simply email a link to your client and they can input key information that seamlessly flows into Arken Professional for drafting.

Arken Anywhere: The power of Arken on-the-move. Access an offline version of Arken Professional that will synchronise with your account once you’re back online.

Arken API: A seamless transfer of data and reduction of re-keying. Details shared between your case management solution and Arken Professional.

Trust Referencer: Get the latest on tax treatments and specific Trusts. Access the most up-to-date information to generate a personalised report for your clients, outlining the tax treatment that are relevant to both Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts.

Online Wills: A secure, online Will service. This interactive Will drafting service utilises Arken Professional’s intelligent engine to collect client information and automatically draft a client’s will online.


Dave Newick, Managing Director of, said:

“We work in partnership with our clients to understand their key processes and provide the most efficient digital solutions for their Private Client business.”

“The industry has begun its digitisation journey – it’s time to consider the best route within it for your business. Can you use technology to be more adaptable, more engaged, to provide a better customer experience? Can you use technology to automate low-level tasks, enabling you to focus on what really matters? It’s time to take the digital leap and benefit from the efficiencies it provides. Arken is a trusted solution – rest assured cyber security is a key priority and we run regular penetration tests and invest in industry-leading cloud security. You can trust our solutions with your data and you can trust our tools to deliver efficiency, every time.”


Ian Bond, Director and Head of Trusts and Estates at Talbots Law Ltd:

“Arken has become an essential tool for our team and helps them be more productive.”

Kylie Simmonds-Cox, IPW Council Member

“The system is extremely user friendly and the team provides excellent support.”

Contact Details

Address: (UK) Limited
General Wolfe House
83 High Street
TN16 1PG
Tel: +44 (0)1732 867792

Key Contact

Name: Jenny Lambert
Tel: (0)1732 867792
LinkedIn: Jenny Lambert

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