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3PB is a modern, successful and long established set which offers a broad range of legal expertise to diverse clients from Government, public sector bodies and FTSE 350 companies to private individuals.

We provide legal representation and advice under the Direct Public Access Scheme to members of the public needing legal advice directly from a barrister. With over 180 barristers 3PB is large enough to be able to offer genuine specialists in everything from crime, commercial, family, property and personal injury to sports law, marine and ecclesiastical law.

3PB is one set of Chambers operating from six locations: London, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Oxford, and Winchester. Technology allows us to function as a single chambers regardless of geography.

We operate a single electronic diary and every member of staff has instant access to every barrister’s availability.

We aim to provide our clients, both lay and professional, with a comprehensive, fast and skilled advocacy and advisory service.

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