Will writers – want to earn more without doing more appointments?

One of the most common things that Will Writers tell us is how busy they are. Constantly communicating with clients, engaging on social media and keeping up to date with legislation leaves little time to read the newspaper, let alone considering ways to improve your business.

Although being busy is never a bad thing, it’s likely that your skills extend beyond Estate Planning – so how can you make the most of these skills?

It’s probably a lot easier than you think. Without spending a lot of time finding more clients, you can significantly increase your income, simply by extending the services you offer.

The delivery of legal services is changing rapidly. In the past, client loyalty was paramount, with all local clients going to see their local legal professional. These days, however, people are choosing to shop around before they seek your advice. Even if your client base is strong, there are only a limited number of client and Will reviews that they will require.

Being able to offer services beyond Estate Planning can instantly increase your revenue streams. During their lifetime, it’s likely that clients will face a large number of circumstances where they will require legal advice. For example, conveyancing represents the most sought after legal need, closely followed by personal debt and divorce. Whilst providing Will Writing services can create a client relationship, extending your services can enable that relationship to grow and ultimately improve the opportunities available to you.

Including conveyancing and family law, the Legal Services Guild network enables you to offer up to 26 additional products. Find out how you can extend your services by clicking here.

Getting to grips with the legal market can be difficult, but the Legal Services Guild (LSG) are offering a comprehensive package for people looking to find out more about the Will Writing industry and how to develop their services.

Join us in Watford on the 12th April 2017 to widen your knowledge of the sector and increase your awareness on how the market landscape is changing.

As well as providing the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, the seminar will include a presentation from industry experts, Nigel Walker-Jennings (LLB (Hons) LLM Barrister) and Simon Mattison (Managing Director Legal Services Guild).

Running from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm, the seminar agenda will be as follows:

10:00am: Registration
10:30 am – 12:15 pm: ‘The Delivery of Legal Services is Changing – Learn How to Capitalise From It.’

The seminar will be taking place at the Mercure London Watford Hotel. The event is FREE to attend, but limited spaces mean that reserving your place is important – sign up now by clicking HERE.


 About The Legal Services Guild

Grounded in providing experts with the benefit of principled legal services, the Guild membership enables access to a strong network of like-minded individuals as a Barrister Intermediary.

The seminar will also allow attendees to learn how to offer more legal services to clients beyond Estate Planning, from insurances to Conveyancing.

Attending this LSG event will provide the ideal opportunity to engage with fellow Estate Planners, discuss upcoming industry challenges, as well as developing essential knowledge on the future of Will Writing.

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