Why Do Will Writers Need Marketing

Solve’s legal marketing specialist Lisa Watts talks to Today’s Wills and Probate about our latest marketing workshops.

Why do Will writers need marketing?
Most Will writers have ambitions for their business – whether it’s to grow, employ people and reach a critical mass; or whether it’s simply to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle working on a flexible basis –  most of the people we meet here at Solve have clear business objectives.

However, it is not always so clear what the marketing objectives are that support those goals. The majority of Will writers have no structured marketing plan, no set marketing budget, and plan ahead very little.

In our experience those advisers that do plan ahead for marketing do better, generate more business and meet their goals faster.

Marketing helps people to generate more enquiries and attract the right kind of customers; and to know what to say them and how to say it in a way that will drive new clients to contact you.

What are the marketing challenges facing Will writers today?
The legal services industry is becoming ever more focused on the customer. Consumers have more choice, competition amongst legal service providers is greater than ever, and referral fees are rising. As the market opens up to new entrants to the legal sector the biggest challenge is probably making yourself heard over all of the ‘noise’.

Many Will writers think that this means doing more online and want to embrace digital marketing techniques as a result. Whilst it is true that consumers these days expect an adviser to be using technology to best affect Will writers should remember that ‘traditional’ or non-digital techniques can also be incredibly effective.

Selecting the right channels – usually using a mix of traditional and digital marketing methods – is crucial in reaching your target audience and, importantly, in stirring them to take action by contacting you with an enquiry or responding to a ‘call to action’ such as signing up for a newsletter or requesting a callback.

From a marketing perspective this leads to a vibrant and dynamic marketplace. Increased competition means that firms need to be absolutely sure in their own minds – and through the marketing messages being put out externally – how it is that the firm can meet the client’s needs and why they should come to you over another provider. Without this, it’s often the case that any money spent on marketing can be wasted.

Pitching the right message, to the right audience, via the right media is the challenge. Pertinent, relevant, timely content is a powerful tool in marketing effectively to new and existing clients.

What do you enjoy the most about working in this field?
Private client advisers are trusted to advise on the most intimate and sometimes complex aspects of people’s lives. Concepts of mortality, family dynamics (and sometimes feuds), arguments over money and the idea of planning so that a person’s wishes can be carried out as they had intended after their death are all areas which are deeply personal and interesting. Everyone can relate to the key issues at stake here and that makes for some fascinating situations, case studies and content.

It’s also a pleasure to see a new generation of progressive, forward thinking advisers embracing new ways of marketing themselves and their firms. Our clients are ambitious and driven to deliver the best possible service – both technically and in terms of customer service – and that makes for interesting marketing projects where the team here at Solve Legal can really work in partnership with clients to help them to achieve their goals.

If you had one tip for private client lawyers looking to market themselves; what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to look for innovative approaches in other sectors or industries outside of the law; and always seek expert help when it comes to planning and executing your marketing campaigns (sorry, that’s two!).

What should we look out for in terms of future trends or innovations in marketing in this area?
Much has been written about the rise of artificial intelligence in legal services. Whilst nothing will ever replace the need for trust between adviser and client, quite often best established face-to-face, we think that creating a digital interface between you and your clients – whether that’s converting enquiries in to quotes or keeping in touch with clients throughout a transaction will appeal to a huge section of potential clients who expect very quick responses, excellent communication and the convenience of accessing that information at a time to suit them.

How can Solve help?
Solve is running a marketing workshop on 4 December – designed to help Will writers and IFAs to generate more enquiries and to invigorate sales. We know the legal market inside-out and can provide the relevant support to help build a recognisable brand, nationally or locally, online or on the high street.

Who will run the course?
Our course held in Birmingham on 4 December, is hosted by Lisa Watts, a marketing and business development specialist in the legal sector with nearly 20 years of experience.

Formerly a Legal Director of top 50 UK law firm Shakespeare Martineau, Lisa has helped hundreds of lawyers, legal advisors and legal businesses to shape marketing strategies and to execute marketing plans and campaigns that deliver tangible results. Read more about Lisa’s experience here https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisawatts1012/

Do you do bespoke courses?
The short answer is ‘yes’! The date in December is suitable for Will writers, estate planners or IFAs from any business. However we also regularly run marketing courses for clients with bespoke content. We work with them to devise course content that meets their needs and those of their advisers. The feedback from those courses is that our unique experience and position in the marketplace means we are well placed to design and deliver appropriate content and courses.

How can I book?

Eventbrite - Marketing Workshop for Will Writing Professionals

If you have any questions, please contact Solve Legal on 0800 133 7127 or email [email protected]

Who are Solve?
Solve is a specialist marketing agency that works only in the legal sector. Our clients are law firms, legal services businesses and suppliers to the legal world. They come to us because of our proven expertise in this industry, because we are easy to work with and results-focused.

What have others said about the course?

“A really great chance to ask questions and learn a lot. Looking forward to putting it into action…[the course was] well worth it”

“So much to think about and so many ideas generated! Thank you so much for the day”

“A very enjoyable day of training – thank you!”.