When Blood Isn’t Thicker Than water!

There are thousands of people who rely on receiving a sizeable inheritance from relatives, however, they could be in for a surprise as ‘more than a quarter (28%) of retirees plan to leave their money to friends, animal charities and neighbours instead of children and grandchildren’.

The number of unhappy relatives who believe they are owed something is on the rise. This threat shouldn’t be ignored as they are increasingly likely to contest a Will and put forward a claim – which could have disastrous consequences to both your client and your business!

Nearly three quarters (74%) of children and grandchildren believe that they will be receiving an inheritance. Therefore, when drafting a Will, it is important for your client to consider those people who may feel as if they are owed something due to moral obligation, as many people are left feeling hard done by and this often results in them making a claim against the estate.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a comprehensive and professional report signed by your client, outlining their circumstances and the reasons behind their decisions and thus making it more difficult for a Will to be challenged?

Documenting your client’s wishes, intentions and reasoning behind their decisions need not be a tedious and problematic task. Our Risk Reduction Trilogy of statements are produced at the touch of a button and retained on your system, reducing the likelihood of successful claims, helping to protect both your client and your business!

Surely there isn’t stronger evidence of why decisions within the Will have been made than a signed statement which the testator themselves has acknowledged and approved?

The Bespoke Risk Reduction Trilogy

Countrywide Legacy has developed a ‘risk reduction trilogy’ of statements which can all be produced at the touch of a button and are completely bespoke to your clients. This saves firms an inordinate amount of time whilst providing maximum protection for both you and your client.

1. The Client Disclaimer

After the instructions have been taken, automatically produce a document specific to your client, this ensures full transparency and saves time spent compiling lengthy covering letters.

2. The Will Clarity Statement

The Will Clarity statement outlines how the instructions were taken, who was present, risk assessments, mental capacity and the reasoning behind your clients’ choices.

3. The Statement of Execution

Our Will Clarity Package manages the entire execution process where you can automatically compile an Execution Statement, reducing your risk of any doubts as to validity later.

It’s time to utilise the power of Countrywide Legacy.

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