Wet Signatures…

…It’s time for e-signature to rise!

Have you ever considered just how much technology has grown over the past two decades? We used to search phone books to find someone’s number or had to send a letter to get in touch with them.

Nowadays, technology has made our personal lives so much easier. We can video call, send a message using any social media platform, or even call someone using a Wi-Fi connection.

Adapting your personal life to the new and improved world of technology is not enough! You need to start changing the way your business works too!

As a professional Will writer or Solicitor, you have to deal with a large number of cases each month and an enormous mountain of paper instructions! You spend endless amounts of time seeing the clients, taking the instructions and writing notes only to then key all of the same information into your system. Even if you are fortunate enough not to have to input these yourself and pass them onto your processing department, the risk of any missing, illegible, misinterpreted or lost information can make the process even more arduous and once the documents are fully drafted you will still need to print, scan, post and often chase the return of these documents.

What if there was an easier way?

How do you think your business would change if you started working in a different way? One that would save you both time and money? With Countrywide Legacy’s state of the art software, you can!

Not only can your clients sign and return their legal documents at the touch of a button, they are also able to sign them at a time that suits them through a secure website link.

Countrywide Legacy offers a completely paperless legal document drafting software! Not only can your clients automatically generate and electronically sign your Terms of Business, Receipt, Rights to Cancellation at the touch of a button, but the package also includes a personalised Client Disclaimer detailing where the client has elected not to follow “best advice” and any areas of concern and in the process, indemnifying you against future claims.

Our e-signature solution E-asySignLegal is secured by digital signature technology that is sealed against any risk of being tampered with. The technology collects ‘process evidence’ that tracks and proves every stage of the signing process by recording the precise steps a signatory goes through.

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Moving forward to the E-future!

Electronic signatures or ‘e-signatures’ have been included in the Law Commission’s ‘Thirteenth Programme of Law Reform.’ The initial consultation confirms that EU-wide law already recognises e-signatures. This means that there is no need for further reform.

Going forward, the Law Commissions proposed to issue further clarification in order to try and encourage the use and the development of e-signatures. Another proposition was to consult on whether the concept of a ‘Deed’ is fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

E-signatures are legally valid in the UK and currently, you can use them for everything other than Wills & LPAs, so why are you not utilising them to improve your business and the service you provide?

Sealed against tampering, once a document is signed electronically any attempt to edit the information will automatically render the digital/electronic signature visibly invalid. This is a major advantage over a signed piece of paper, which won’t necessarily alert you if it was forged or altered.

Additionally, if your clients signs a document electronically, it cannot be denied admission in the court solely on the grounds of not being handwritten. Using Countrywide Legacy’s Paperless package allows your clients to electronically sign documents at any time and from any device.

Why use electronic signatures?
  • Reduce turnaround times.
  • Streamlines and automates your processes.
  • Provides an audit trail confirming when documentation was signed.
  • Removes the costs for printing, posting, storing and scanning documents.
  • Increases the amount of clients you are able to provide a service to.
  • Helps you to be more competitive in a fast-moving marketplace.
  • Maximum safety and security.
  • E-Signed documents are stored safely for you to access anywhere on your devices.
How does it work?

With E-asySignLegal, you have the flexibility to allow your clients to sign at the point of sale or send the documents electronically for them to sign at a later stage.

You have complete control over how you run your business.

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Introducing our brand new website!

Countrywide Legacy proudly announces the launch of their brand new website, E-asySignLegal, which is specifically designed for Estate planning professionals.

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