A weight off your mind, just when you need it

Ampla Finance have brought in a wealth of experience from the consumer funding landscape to the legal sector.

Since the successful launch of their Family service, aimed at providing funding for the Family Law sector, the next step was to launch an innovative lending service for probate practitioners with the launch of their Legacy service.

Ampla Finance Legacy gives the executor the opportunity to access funds to pay off estate responsibilities like Inheritance Tax, solicitor or admin fees and other potential blockers. While for beneficiaries, they can grant them access to their inheritance even before probate is granted.

Much like its family focused counterpart, Legacy combines a simple lending solution with people who understand the needs of solicitors and their clients.

Probate delays cause a great deal of financial pressure, frustrating executors and beneficiaries waiting to access the proceeds of an estate.

Feedback from the organisation for specialist lawyers confirm that there are serious concerns about the impact of probate delays on solicitors and consumers. They are currently running a review of individuals on this very issue, and it is showing that the extra time and stress it is putting on professionals is totally unsuitable.

The online framework is not yet fit for purpose, and they are hearing many reports of additional anguish and distress for families. With house sales not being completed, penalties for missed Inheritance Tax payments and specialists bearing the responsibilities for matters that are out of their control.

Ampla Finance’s Finance Director Marcus Holburn outlines how Ampla Finance ‘bridges that gap.’

“The Ampla Finance Legacy products solve a real problem solicitors and executors have today and satisfy a real desire for earlier release of funds many beneficiaries experience once they know they are due an inheritance.”

Bringing their retail expertise differentiates Ampla Finance from traditional funding sources; using advanced technology to solve customer problems and frictionless customer journeys that dovetail into an introducer/lawyer’s process. And because Ampla Finance focus on the finance, they exert no influence on the case itself or how it is handled.

Fair, transparent and responsive funding solutions for lawyers and their clients. For further information on Ampla Finance and their Legacy products contact: [email protected]

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