Supermen Webinar 46: An Electronic Way Of Working – The Impact Of E-signatures And Electronic Instruction Taking Systems

Supermen Webinar 46

Electronic Signatures

The Law Commission has recently stated that electronic signatures are as valid as handwritten ones, even when it is just a typed name or a single click of a button.

So in this month’s webinar, we will be discussing the role of electronic signatures within the legal industry, whether they are inevitable and how it impacts you and your clients.

If we are as an industry, moving towards electronic signatures where possible, surely this must work in conjunction with taking instructions electronically, which would mean:

  • Cheaper for the client
  • Faster turnaround for the client
  • More accurate instructions
  • Reduces risk for the company taking instructions

Register now to learn how and where electronic signatures can be used to sign legal documents.

Full Agenda:

  • What is the legal situation with electronic signatures?
  • What are the benefits of electronic signatures over paper?
  • Where can we use electronic signatures to benefit the client?
  • Is the taking of instructions electronically inevitable and is this linked to electronic signatures?

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