Webinar – Probate Cases and your IT Strategy

1 in 4 legal professionals are resigned to the fact the probate process doesn’t work as efficiently as it should, with 75% thinking that there are things to be done to improve it, specifically dedicated probate software.

Join Exizent’s Senior Account Executive, Daniel Fox, in our latest Webinar as he presents his insights into The Modern Law Firm and why the legal sector is at risk of being left behind in the digitalisation era.

Key takeaways:

  • Looking at The Modern Law Firm and the challenges that they face with IT and compliance.
  • Exploring the growth of LegalTech and the impact technology can have.
  • Understanding the current gaps, challenges, and blockers that many legal services firms experience with the Wills & Probate function.
  • A clear view of how Exizent will close the gaps around paperless working, reduced carbon footprint and overall provide more efficient working.

You can watch the full webinar by clicking here.

Exizent is building the first ever platform that connects data, services and the network of people involved when someone passes away, making it easier for legal services firms and institutions to work together, making their own processes more efficient and removing the burden from the bereaved.


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