Webinar: Court Of Protection Special

Join us on Thursday 25th July at 12.00pm when we will be joined by Barrister, Graham Stott of 3PB Barristers who will be presenting our next Certainty Expert Webinar, titled “Gifts of P’s Property: authority, considerations and best interests”.

In this Court of Protection focused webinar, Graham will be taking an in-depth look at gifts of P’s property.


  • P’s capacity to make gifts
  • The authority of attorneys and deputies to make gifts
  • The Court’s jurisdiction to authorise gifts
  • Why consider a gift of P’s property
  • The application (including the short procedure under Practice Direction 9D)
  • P’s wishes and feelings and the use of Certainty Will Search
  • Best interests
  • Conflicts of interest and undue influence
  • The retrospective approval of gifts

Places are limited so register for the free webinar here.

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