Webinar: Certainty Expert present: A Practical Introduction To Mental Health & Well-Being In The Workplace

Join us on Tuesday 20th August at 12.00pm where we will be joined by Central Law Training and our presenters, Lubna Gem Arielle and Elizabeth Rimmer, who will be presenting our next instalment of Certainty Expert Webinars.

Mental health and well-being, and the positive steps firms can take to promote it, has been a hot discussion point in the industry as of late. In our first mental health focused webinar, we will explore what is meant by mental health and why this matters in the workplace, including steps that can be taken to create a mentally healthy workplace.

  • What is mental health and why this matters in the workplace
  • What it is about workplace pressures that can impact mental health
  • Steps firms can take to create mentally healthy workplaces
  • How well-being practices relate to your effectiveness as a professional
  • An experience of 3 evidence-based well-being practices

Places are limited so sign up for the free webinar today!

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