Supermen Webinar 65 Business Relief – Estate Planning on Death and in Lifetime

Presented by: Bob Massey TEP BSc DipPFS, Spencer Tattam TEP BA (Hons) DipPFS and Guest Speaker, Matt Quinn, Foresight Group.


  • Business and Agricultural Relief. (BR & AR).
  • A brief guide.
  • Section 39a IHTA 1984: How to plan for interaction in the Will.
  • Sub Fund Planning for HNWs with BR.
  • Cross/ Double Option Agreements.
  • Business disposal prior to sale: How to plan.
  • BR Investments: A brief guide and it doesn’t have to mean HIGH Risk.

About the Foresight Group – Joint 1st Place Product Provider

“Foresight as a Group, now has over £4bn in assets under management, and, whilst head-quartered in the UK, they have a global network of offices and employ over 220 people across the Group. This makes them less dependent upon the UK tax-efficient industry than most reviewed, they continue to attract institutional level funding for their projects.

“The Foresight ITS has almost £600m in assets under management across a well-diversified trading strategy. Decent performance, reasonable fees, a large team and good liquidity, when combined with the strength of the Group, mean we are happy to give the Foresight ITS one of the highest ratings in this sector.”

Source: Martin Churchill’s Independent Review

Please note that CTTC Ltd are not regulated by the FCA and do not promote or advise on where clients should invest, the contents of the presentation are generic and for information only.

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