The true cost of marketing your practice

It’s no secret that marketing is the best way of getting your practice noticed.

Whether you’re well established within the sector or are just starting out, developing a marketing plan is the most effective way of boosting client enquiries for any business, law firms included.

Although most professionals are aware of the rewards that marketing can bring, there’s one thing that’s preventing so many of them from harnessing its benefits.

The marketing mystery

Advantages of marketing are common knowledge among professionals, but many are put off because they don’t know the extent of these advantages.

Whilst they might have a website or Twitter account in place, the lack of real-time results mean they’re unable to see the benefits they bring – if any.

In turn, professionals may often take this approach towards marketing in general. Though they’ve heard about the positive results it can bring to a firm, the inability to track these results means that many professionals become reluctant to implement a strategy at all.

What could you be missing out on?

Having developed a number of successful campaigns for professionals and firms alike, Solve Legal Marketing knows how effective the right strategy can be.

However, we also know that it can be daunting for firms, especially when return on investment isn’t always clear cut.

That’s why at Solve, we look at your firm from every angle, formulating a strategy that’s specifically tailored to meet the needs of your audience. Whether this is through creating bespoke content, engaging with clients through email campaigns or designing a professional website, we can help you get the most out of your marketing.

By providing interim reports, we can show you the real return you’re getting on your investment, enabling you to see where enquiries are coming from and further refine your marketing plan.

Whilst the benefits of marketing won’t appear overnight, they’re bound to benefit your firm on a long-term basis.

What’s more, if you don’t invest in your marketing, how do you know what you’re missing out on?

If you’d like to find out, Solve’s senior team are also bringing together their collective experience, offering you the chance to attend an intensive marketing workshop designed to help refine your strategy and create an effective marketing plan.

Providing you with a clear plan of action, you will leave with a timetable of structured activity and details of resources allocated to each element. As well as giving you a blueprint for a marketing plan you’ll also learn how your strategy could effectively generate a return on your investment.

To find out how you can attend, get in touch by emailing [email protected], or call 0800 133 7127.

For more information on Solve Legal Marketing could help develop a strategy to suit your firm, please click the link below.

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