Training you may not have considered

Professional development is important for any profession.

Building skills and keeping on top of regulatory updates are key to enhancing professional performance, as well as the service delivered to consumer – both vital, regardless of the profession you’re in.

For will-writers, however, the requirements are even higher.

As guidelines continue to evolve and new cases continue to shape the existing law, it’s crucial that will-writers keep up to date with all that’s going on in the profession. As well as helping a practice stand out amongst competitors, gaining relevant qualifications and continually broadening market awareness also ensures that consumers receive the highest quality of service.

Further, the unregulated nature of the profession means that training becomes even more valuable, especially from a consumer perspective. This view was taken by Council Member and Vice Chairman of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, Sue Ioannou.

“In a profession which is unregulated, qualifications become even more valuable for all concerned. Not only does it help professionals stand out from competitors, but it also demonstrates to the consumer that the service that they’re receiving is being delivered by someone who is committed to keeping their market knowledge up to date.”

Recognising the importance of both professional and personal development, the IPW host regular training events for members, as well as those who are yet to join.

Provided by our specialist training arm, the Willwriting Academy, the comprehensive sessions cover a range of topics such as trusts, estate administration and how to deal with vulnerable clients, all delivered by highly experienced presenters.

As well as building knowledge, our expert training sessions refine skills and provide attendees with opportunities to ask questions and network with likeminded professionals.

To discover how our specialist training could help boost your business, please click here.

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