Top Ten Funeral Plans – Which Is The Best Buy?

Lots of people list Top Tens or lists of Best Buys funeral plans, but funeral plan quotes are a different kettle of fish. 

Each recommendation should be based on the preferences of a single individual, their current location and likely changes.  Thir finances also have to be considered.  Will the best buy be the plan which works best on monthly payments, or paying in one go.  Sometimes only a few plans will do what you need.  In effect, everyone’s top 10 plans are different.  Our job is to help advisers find the best buy for their clients as individuals, bearing in mind their family, which is really what it is all about.

We can give prices for all significant prepaid funeral plan brands.

Here are some that we regularly review the prices they charge as well as the makeup of their plans and as much background information as we can get. Not all of the information we would like is available, which may be one of the benefits of Regulation. If you want a comparison quote with any specific companies, please let us know, but we automatically include 5 other comparative prices with every recommendation.

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