Title Research’s Financial Asset Search Service, Powered By Inheritance Data

Did you know that earlier this year Title Research launched an online asset-searching engine that can help you during the estate administration process by locating the deceased’s assets and maximising the value of the estate?

One of your duties when administering an estate is to locate all of the deceased’s assets, which may include known, unclaimed or lost assets. Gathering accurate information on the deceased’s estate from financial institutions can be time-consuming and it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s why Title Research has teamed up with Inheritance Data to offer Financial Asset Searches for just £249 (+VAT) which:

• Searches 200 UK financial institutions and 350+ databases.
• Provides in-depth and reliable information about the deceased’s assets
• Check matches in real-time via a 24/7 online portal
• Reduces your administration time
• Maximises the value of the estate
• Provides peace of mind
• Reduces the risk of loss to the estate

Click here to find out more about the service.

Title Research has also created some informative resources so you can learn more about the service:

An on-demand webinar with Bruce Cane, Founder of Inheritance Data, which discusses the importance of Financial Asset Searches in estate administration, as well as the benefits and process for carrying out your searches with Title Research and Inheritance Data.

An informative guide all about the service

Getting started is easy – click here to register for a free account. Once you’ve registered and confirmed your identity, you can then start your search(es) directly from your account.
To conduct a search, you simply need to upload the relevant data about the deceased (name, previous addresses, date of birth, date of death, National Insurance number and previous occupations), along with the death certificate and a letter of authority. The online search engine will then do the hard work and conduct a detailed search of 200 financial institutions for a cost of only £249 (+VAT).

If you have any questions or need any further information, the Title Research team can be reached on 0345 87 27 600 or [email protected]


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