Title Research launch brand new ‘dealing with overseas assets’ guide

Estate administration is rarely straightforward. Typically, there is an extensive list of tasks that need to be completed when administering a deceased person’s estate. You will need to gather in all the assets which can often involve handling overseas shares and funds.

Every country has different rules, processes and forms to verify, transfer or sell assets. These often complex methods can make it difficult to navigate the red tape in any given country and will undoubtedly slow down the process.

Title Research has created an informative guide about how you can overcome the pitfalls and challenges of dealing with overseas assets in estate administration. The guide covers:

  • How UK residents become owners of overseas assets
    • An example of how assets can travel the world
  • The pitfalls of overseas assets
  • Dealing with North American foreign shares and funds
    • How the US process differs from the UK
    • Escheatment: What happens to dormant accounts?
  • How Title Research can help you administer overseas assets
  • Case studies
    • The challenging case of John Smith
    • Dealing with North American assets
  • About Title Research

Click here to download your free copy of the guide.

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