The Personal Touch For Funeral Plans – At No Cost

Over 500,000 funeral plans are sold every year; may of them are sold on the back selling legal and financial services to clients. 

In order to take advantage of the opportunity, many firms simply add a question to their newsletter or fact find, offering independent advice on funeral plans to capture interest.

Getting admin staff to confirm basic client information and asking the question, as well as asking (in general) if they need to speak to you helps more.

Ongoing contact with clients always results in more business and more referrals.

“XXX is really busy these days, but s/he is always available to you if needed, and just asked me to keep your file up to date, and ask if you need to speak to him/her – is it OK if I just go through a quick checklist to ensure we’re up to date?”

Personal contact is always going to bring in more business than newsletters, and this is a great way to fund it.  You might even get the admin person to offer video meetings with you, especially popular in the current climate.

In most areas, one couple buying a plan a month will pay for a full time administrator skilled enough to make the calls and help out in other areas.  You might even let them run the simple funeral plan advice system.

For more information on how your practice could offer independent advice on funeral plans at no cost contact Steve Pett at Best Funeral Plan on [email protected] or 01323 740847.

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