Take part in the SWW Industry Survey

“Following the research undertaken by the CMA and Legal Services Board the Society of Will Writers have decided to undertake further research to gauge the views of active professionals in our field.

“The purpose of our study is to identify if there are trends within a professional’s day to day practice which would help the SWW to better our focus towards stronger self-regulation. Many of our existing members will already be able to vouch that we have, over the last 3 years, strengthened our approach towards regulation with the introduction of membership principles and the ‘safe to do business with’ seal.

“In the absence of statutory regulation and in accordance with the promises we made to the LSB, we would now like to engage the wider profession to establish how we can offer better consumer protection through feedback provided by this survey. This will only seek to further our knowledge about consumers and the practices undertaken by the active professionals in this field.

“Some questions are only relevant to SWW members but the rest are wholly accessible and we would encourage all industry professionals to complete the survey. Thank you in advance.”

Thomas Stansfield – Communications Executive, The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners.


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