SWW Working with Skipton Building Society

At The Society of Will Writers we have spent years developing business relationships to help our members benefit in a way that they wouldn’t as part of any other organisation. Many of these relationships provide a direct benefit to the consumer by giving them access to a range of products and services without ever having to look beyond their Society member. In turn, these relationships also provide benefits to the member and their business, whether it be financially or even just the peace of mind that they have provided as complete a service as possible.

The latest addition is Skipton Building Society, specifically their Financial Planning and Advice team who we are now working with to help bring financial advice to more people. Our relationship with Skipton spans over a decade now, having previously provided training to some of their branches, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working together during this time. That is why we are so excited about now being able to extend this relationship to our members and their clients by enabling our members to sign up with Skipton as an introducer for financial services such as investment and pension reviews.

Signing up to be an introducer for Skipton comes with no cost, no exclusivity, and no minimum expectations of referrals. We know that members already have existing relationships or are financial advisors themselves, which is why we have spent months tailoring this offering in an attempt to ensure there are no toes being stepped on. The offer is available to all members of the Society and in an industry moving ever-more online, signing up with a well respected and established firm such as Skipton with their award winning Skipton Link video appointment technology allows you to cater for clients across the country, receiving a one off introducer fee for investment and pension recommendations that your client agrees to.

Skipton are currently delivering short presentations to the SWW Regional Groups which are currently being held via video conferencing software such as Teams and Zoom. Members should keep an eye on their inbox for the SWW Weekly Newsletter as well as direct communications from their Regional Chairperson for dates and times to attend. We can also arrange a one-to-one session with Skipton for yourself or your company if you would prefer.

Alternatively, if you’d like some more information or want to get started right away, you only need to log into our members area or get in touch with the team at head office and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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