Supermen Webinar No. 30

A Masterclass in Asset Protection Trusts (PPPT)
and RNRB

Friday 9th June 2017  10:00am – 11:00am

And Monday 12th June 2017 10:00am-11:00am

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Friday 9th June

Monday 12th June

This month our FREE Webinar discusses what the industry generally refers to as “Asset Protection Trusts”, which are called Probate Preservation Plus Trust (PPPT) for CTTC Ltd, and its place in the Estate Planning world now that the Residential Nil Rate Band (“RNRB”) has been introduced.

Asset Protection Trusts (PPPT) come in various shapes and sizes.

Regardless of your opinion on their use and what benefit they can offer, your clients will have heard about them. It is therefore vital that you are able to at least consider their use when devising an “estate plan”.

Our experts will explore the effect of the RNRB on Asset Protection Trusts (PPPT) already in force, those being considered now and whether they should continue to be considered in light of the recent “Probate fee” debacle.

As we all now know, in order to obtain the RNRB a client will need to pass a share of their “residence” to a “lineal descendant” on their death. This might be difficult to achieve if their house has been locked away in an Asset Protection Trust (PPPT). Was your client made aware that this Trust could affect the qualification for this relief?

Advisors who continue to advise the use of Asset Protection Trusts (PPPT) without discussing the effect these Trusts have on the availability of the RNRB are sleepwalking towards a complaint and at worst a negligence claim.

In a perfect world, we would be able to offer an Asset Protection Trust (PPPT) to our clients that not only provides protection during the client’s lifetime but also allows for the RNRB to be obtained on death. We would be able to offer an Asset Protection Trust (PPPT) to our clients that ensure that “just enough” of the house is brought back into the estate so unnecessary Probate fees are not paid should the new fee scale be introduced.

Countrywide cannot solve all of the world’s problems, but our experts can ensure that the above two wishes are granted!

Log into our FREE Webinar to listen to our solutions to these common issues as well as discuss a variety of the other topics relating to Asset Protection Trusts (PPPT) including:

  • How the paperwork drafted by CTTC Ltd protects against the CLT limit being breached when settling the PPPT
  • With growth of the property value in the Trust, periodic and exit charges are mitigated by the Trust if the value in the Trust grows above the NRB
  • For married couples settling a property into Trust where growth of the property above the NRB on first death may create an IHT tax charge as spousal exemption cannot be applied against assets in the Trust
  • How the Countrywide Legacy Software protects against a Capital Gains Tax charge (CGT) being crystallised if a person on Title does not live in the property

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