Supermen Webinar No.17 – a great opportunity in Estate Planning

Supermen Webinar Series – new topics every month

This month the webinar will go through the details of care cases that Countrywide have successfully fought & an Introduction to the Probate Department.

Every client needs a hero. Here’s how to make sure it’s YOU!

Supermen Webinar No. 17 – Wednesday 4th May 10.00 am – 11.00am

Hosted by our own Supermen, Bob Massey, Clive Ponder, Spencer Tattam, Will Chiles, Richard Dundee, Charlotte Ponder and Jemal Deo.

Maximum numbers on a webinar are 100, so don’t miss out! Register your place now. CPD points will be awardable for all who attend the webinar.

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation - Supermen Webinar no.17 (2)
Topics Covered

1. How Countrywide can assist with Care Cases

  • Where are we with the new Care Act and replacing CRAG?
  • My client is entering long-term care – do you have any successful case examples?
  • What marketing materials do you have on asset protection?
  • How do I act in the best interests of my client?

2. An introduction to the Probate Department

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