Supermen Webinar 69: Six Steps To Cyber-Safety

Presented by guest speaker
Robin Bennett MA (Oxon) FIAP MIoD

A practical and entertaining webinar showing you how to protect yourself, your business and your clients from IT and internet risks. No prior knowledge assumed or expected – learn about the steps you can take to avoid the most common and dangerous security pitfalls.
1. Introduction – why IT security matters and what can go wrong
2. Protecting your phone and your laptop
3. Malware – viruses, ransomware & more
4. Backups – are they needed in the world of the cloud?
5. Scams! How to spot and avoid them
6. The problem with emails (and a solution!)

About our Guest Speaker, Robin Bennett:
Robin Bennett MA (Oxon) FIAP MIoD, Director at Start Software, was the developer of Will Writer for Windows, the UK’s first successful will writing software, and he has worked with Countrywide’s directors for 20+ years. He will use his experience as a visiting lecturer in Internet security to help you to keep your business and clients safe and secure. No prior knowledge is needed – come and learn some practical steps to avoid security pitfalls.

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