Supermen Webinar 61: Sibling Trusts – Part 2

Moving on to taxation and autonomous benefits…
How can this be achieved?

Why use Trusts?

We all know that setting up a Trust can be the most flexible and protective method of gifting and bequeathing assets without passing them absolutely to Beneficiaries. When assets are passed to beneficiaries “absolutely” they are at risk from divorce or separation, bankruptcy and creditors, re-marriage, care costs and taxation.

Simply setting up a Trust (or Trusts) for your clients can help protect their hard-earned money and assets from any such attacks being made against their chosen beneficiaries, no matter what their future holds.

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Webinar Agenda:

Sibling Trusts – Part Two

  • Setting your estate planning practice apart from the competition
  • We discussed the practicalities of physical autonomy in part one (Webinar 60) but now we will cover:
  • How to break the ‘tax’ relationship between Trusts
  • The return of the Supermen Webinar quiz!

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