Supermen Webinar No.29

CTTC – Supermen Webinar No.29 – Which Trust? And what are its advantages?

In this webinar from Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation, the topics include:

The Definitive Guide to Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation’s Trust range

  • Flexible Family Trust
  • IIP Trust for Residue
  • Trust of Land
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Family Investment Probate Trust
  • Additional Property Probate Trust
  • Family Probate Preservation Plus Trusts (PPPT) (Asset Protection Trust)
  • Family Gift Trust
  • Family (CGT) Holdover Gift Trust
  • Family Life Assurance Trust


We will be discussing all of the above Trusts and answering the following questions:

  1. What they do?
  2. What are the Tax Planning advantages?
  3. Which clients are they appropriate for?

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Friday 5th May

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Monday 8th May

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