More staff are joining the Pembroke family 

Here at Pembroke Will Writers we value the importance of family, embedding the familial values of trust, honesty and working together towards a shared goal. Whenever we entrust new staff into the company, they must endeavour to display these qualities and offer this service to our valued customers. 

Our commitment to providing a straight-talking, honest family business has led to 55% of our custom coming from client recommendations. We are trusted by our customers because we provide a bespoke service, tailored to your individual needs. 

The success of the company has consistently grown since Rob and Gill started in 2000. Because of this, Pembroke Will Writers is proud to be expanding its services whilst retaining the family trust that Rob, Gill and son Gareth have created. 

Pembroke are delighted to announce the appointment of Rachel Pemberton, a long-time friend of those within Pembroke Will Writers and a fantastic acquisition to our expert team of dedicated professionals.  

Rachel is a valued member of the Medway towns community having lived there for most of her life. Married with two lovely children, she is currently guiding one of her children through university life whilst calming and helping the other child through her exams. This section of parenting has been second nature to Rachel who has been in education nearly all her life. Rachel’s week is shared between her role as a teacher and the rest of the week with Pembroke Will Writers where she offers a fantastic, friendly and quality service to her customers.  

Rachel has known the owners Robert and Gill for many years, growing up as a good friend of their son Gareth. Gareth trusts her to such an extent that he feels as though Rachel and her husband are part of the family. It was therefore an easy decision to invite Rachel into the company, as the trust was already there.  

Pembroke employees need to deal with the public in an honest, helpful and polite way. Only professionals able to ensure the values that Pembroke has held since its formation are welcomed into the Pembroke Will Writers family.  

Rachel has immediately established a rapport with a number of clients and is proving to be a valuable member of the team. The family ethos of the company is enhanced with Rachel’s presence as she is genuinely felt to be part of the family.  

If you require a fair, efficient Will writing service with Will writers that you can trust, then please do not hesitate to contact Rachel, Rob, Gill or Gareth at Pembroke Will Writers. 

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