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Topics include:

Pilot Trusts vs Will Trusts – Why Pilot Trusts can offer a significant IHT advantage

Clients who are gifting in lifetime can suffer an IHT penalty if they use Will Trusts as opposed to Pilot Trusts for their death planning! Don’t let your high net worth clients fall into this trap!

Options for clients with additional properties

A brief overview into options for clients with additional properties within their estates, how to deal with CGT, how to gift, when to gift.

Planning to mitigate/reduce the impact of the £2m pounds RNRB taper

The definition of ‘estate’ for the purposes of the RNRB is different to that elsewhere in IHTa 1984…. This provides estate planning opportunities for client’s whose estates are around or above £2m pounds to reinstate their estate’s entitlement to the RNRB, saving IHT of up to £140,000!

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