Reducing The Risk Of A Challenge When Taking Client Instructions

The legal sector, now more than ever, recognises the need for change and how technology is essential for firms to provide vital estate planning services to clients.

We have been working hard within the Countrywide Legacy software to develop additional features to make it more appropriate in the current environment for taking instructions over the phone or video conferencing, whether that is Skype, Zoom or Go To Meeting.

Currently in England and Wales the rules have not changed when taking instructions and signing and witnessing Wills, Trusts or LPAs. So far, only Scotland has made a gesture to help in the taking of instructions.

Unfortunately, there are many clients wanting to complete documents urgently, and the powers that be remain eerily silent.

In order to assist our clients, we are all having to modify the way we work. This has the potential to increase the risk of a challenge for the client and the company when taking instructions.

The webinar will demonstrate the new modifications in the software to reduce the risk of the challenge against the Will in the following areas.

  • Mental capacity
  • Undue influence
  • Knowledge and approval

The webinar will also show how when taking instructions electronically, you are able to display a screenshot of the software to the client so spelling of names, addresses and relationships can all be checked while video conferencing. You also have the option to show the Will in part or in full, whilst video conferencing.

When documents are being sent to the client either by post or electronically, our webinar will show a secure website where the client can confirm all of the necessary information and answers to questions in relation to the execution, in order to confirm it has been completed according to the Wills Act 1837.

The new systems will reduce the risk of challenge for the client and the instruction taker, regardless of how the instructions have been taken.

Additionally, with Countrywide Legacy, all of the documents are created in Word so bespoke paragraphs can be added to make the documents client specific, if required. This also ensures that you always have control of your client’s documents and are never locked in when using Countrywide Legacy.

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