Rectification of Wills

We are delighted to welcome Tom Dumont, Radcliffe Chambers who will be presenting the next instalment of Certainty Expert Webinars.

While all our Wills are, of course, perfect, sometimes we come across Wills drawn up by others, or by someone who has left the firm, which fail to achieve what the family think the testator wanted. This webinar will examine the sorts of cases where the courts can help, the sorts of cases where court help is not needed, and the various pitfalls to be avoided.


  • Variation, construction, rectification: which is appropriate?
  • What are the limits on court rectification?
  • What are the costs implications?
  • Exactly what amounts to a “clerical error”?
  • What seemingly innocent steps may only makes things worse

Please join us for our highly informative, complimentary 1 hour webinar. Places are limited so register for the webinar now.

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