What prompts someone to make a will?

A bane of our industry is that there is no call to action to make a will, and consequently people put it off. When someone buys a house they need a conveyancer, and if a couple get divorced they generally instruct a divorce lawyer, but how do we press the right button to prompt someone to make a will?

This is where case studies of real people can have a dramatic effect on spurring an individual into action, particularly if they can relate to the individual or their circumstances.

Here is an example…

Tracy Casey, 48, works as a coordinator in the modelling industry and first made a will ten years ago to safeguard her young children.


Tracy says: “My husband and I knew we should make a will as soon as we had children but we kept putting it off – there’s something depressing about the thought of it isn’t there? But when my husband turned 40 we got sensible – our daughter was ten then and our son seven – and visited his solicitor to sort out our affairs. We owned two properties and we put one totally in trust for the kids and appointed legal guardians for them too.

“I suppose having written the will was a relief, something ticked off the list, but I didn’t think too much about it until my Mum died – without leaving one. Fortunately, my brothers, sisters and I are all good friends so we sorted it out amicably but it really brought home to me the sorts of problems dying intestate could cause. Now my husband and I have separated so I’m going to rewrite sections of my will – I’ve found a solicitor locally through word of mouth and we’ve spoken on the phone. We had a good rapport and I think that’s important for something like will writing as it’s such a personal thing. And I’m not daunted this time as I’ve been through the process before.”

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