Probate Property affected by Pandemic

An article in Property Wire warned that selling probate properties had become a more difficult process due to the Covid-19 pandemic with it taking up to four months longer than usual.

The pandemic has sadly resulted in an increase in UK deaths, particularly among the older population who are more affected by coronavirus. Additionally, a shortage of surveyors and estate agents working full-time and social distancing measures in place has made normal business harder to carry out.

Due to the stamp duty holiday, originally due to end 31 March 2021 but now extended to 30 June as per the government website, many are attempting to complete sales more quickly than usual so there is a high demand for surveyors. An RIC chartered surveyor is necessary when the estate is worth more than £325,000, which is the inheritance tax threshold. Furthermore, the national lockdown has made it difficult to get to a property and dispose of unwanted items from the property due to travel restrictions.

Finders International Estate Agents

Fortunately, Finders International have its own probate property service through its Finders International Estate Agents. They provide a bespoke service giving you a single point of contact meaning the process is prompt, flexible and efficient. The team also includes RIC-accredited staff who are able to make an offer for an immediate sale.

The services are charged to the estate instead of an individual allowing the estate administrator or deputy to be protected by potential future claims. The team also offers a Covid-19 property decontamination service, physical or online auction sale, change of locks, securing of the property and regular checks as well as a Will and assets search.

Additionally, the team also work with NGI Finance, so if you are looking for a mortgage, loan or development finance, the professionals are there to help.

To learn more about Finders International Estate Agents and how they can help, you can call them on +44(0) 20 3641 8621 or fill out an enquiry form here.

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