Print, Bind & Send – A New Service For WillSuite Users

During the lockdown, we launched a new service to help our clients and their business to run more effectively by launching a new document printing, binding and send service.

If you would like or need some additional back-office support, then we’re on hand. WillSuite is beginning to see rising numbers of Wills being created on the system and industrywide feedback seems to report that business is picking up. For some firms though, business isn’t sufficient to bring people back off furlough. As a result, some staff or business owners are stretched and that’s where we come in. We will print, bind and post your documents.

All you need to do is upload the documents you would like printing, choose which options suit your needs (what type of paper, how you would like the documents bound etc.) and then tell us where you would like them posted to. Our team will take care of the printing and your documents will be sent, where possible, for next day delivery.

If you are part of a small team and need support when someone is on leave, then this could be a great solution for your business.

Any questions about our service? Contact us via our website.

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