Practical Steps To Write Wills Without Meeting Clients

We are living in unprecedented times at the moment, causing huge uncertainty and causing many businesses to reappraise the way they communicate with their clients.

Private client departments and the private will writing community pride themselves on providing bespoke services to their clients; especially those who are older or vulnerable.

However, things are changing on an almost hourly basis and the mantra of providing home and face to face visits is no longer a viable business option – at least in the short term.

The spread of COVID-19 is forcing all businesses to adapt and repackage the way they offer their services.

The government has officially recommended that unnecessary visits to care homes or to elderly relatives is avoided and people with symptoms of the disease and those they are living with should self-isolate, completely retracting all contact with the vulnerable and elderly.

Similarly, official guidance is now urging all people to work from home wherever possible.

This means that traditional business models of meeting clients in their homes or face to face is no longer advised. For how long, remains to be seen. New and active cases in the virus’ country of origin, China, now seems to have peaked and draconian measures have made the difference in stopping the spread of the disease.

However, as they were two to three months ahead of us, it could mean that new practices and ways of working will still need to be implemented for the next eight to ten weeks.

What can your business do to adapt so that people are still able to complete vital estate planning documents such as Wills?

Solve Legal Marketing, have a number of innovative solutions to help your business thrive in a difficult and never before seen environment. Your business should look to:

  • Invest in technology. The modern world thrives on their ability to communicate regardless of where a person lives. Video conferences, Skype calls and using systems such as Microsoft Teams can allow you to have face to face communication with clients whilst adhering to important governmental advice
  • There is still a place for traditional forms of communication. Some clients may want to read through a physical document and making sure your business can facilitate this will important in the months ahead. Remember to ensure your stationary stock is adequate and your home printer has enough ink, so you are able to provide hard copies of any documentation
  • Embrace innovative solutions. New government advice will mean that obtaining physical or certified copies of ID is therefore going to be extremely challenging over the next couple of weeks and independent will writers will need to be ready for a more agile and innovative way of working. Thirdfort with Lawyer Checker has a comprehensive digital solution helping firms collect and verify ID from their client
  • Stamp prices are set to rise on March 23rd by 9p per 1st and 2nd class stamp. You still have a few days to save money by buying enough to see you through any period of isolation.
  • Most people living in the world today are familiar with working online, even older people. Making sure your business offers an online service could enable you to continue providing these crucial services and potentially help you win new business and clients who prefer the ease, convenience and efficiency of online services
  • The government is encouraging people to self-isolate wherever possible. To a huge extent, this will mean avoiding non-essential physical contact. Fewer people will be shopping in the high street and the importance of your online presence cannot be underestimated. Make sure your website shop window appeals to potential clients, offers them the information they need and entices them to find out more about the essential services you provide. Solve Legal Marketing is able to help with any website design and development issues that will make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Clients like to feel informed and updated regularly. It is important that you are able to reach your clients when they may feel unwell or unable to participate in online chats. Solve can help with bespoke legal copywriting packages, larger content packs, Search Engine Optimisation services, professional animated video content to ensure your communication with clients is clear, regular and conveying the appropriate message about your business
  • This will be a time of self-reflection and interacting with more media outlets. Providing a regular newsletter to clients could help keep them abreast of changes in the sector and provide them with an additional stream of information when they need it most. Solve can help with specific email marketing campaigns
  • Is it time to professionalise and update your booking tools? Professionals should be offering their clients space to process the situation and painless scheduling could allow this space. Free online systems such as Calendly allows you to schedule meetings without the need for excessively communicating through emails
  • Communication is king in this situation. Talk to fellow colleagues, professional bodies and legal suppliers. They may have the innovative idea which, if shared, could help many in the sector thrive in difficult market condition
  • Today’s Wills and Probate is always looking for expert contributors to offer their insights. We will continue to offer daily news and will strive to ensure your are updated of any pertinent developments within the sector. We also want to offer a forum for you to share your opinions. Contact our press team at [email protected] to discuss possible opportunities of sharing your thoughts with the community.

Finally, stay safe. The legal community provides an invaluable service and we need you at your best. Make sure you follow government advice and ensure your mental health remains strong so you are able to get through this difficult time.

If you would like to have a conversation about the ways Solve Legal Marketing can help you, please get in touch with our sales and marketing director by emailing [email protected]

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