New Year, no marketing plan?

The first month of a brand new year is set to bring with it fresh opportunities for your firm.

More leads, more conversions and more consumers asking about your services, all thanks to that fool-proof marketing plan you put together at the start of the month – or at least, the one you planned to do.

Whilst any business would be forgiven for putting workload ahead of boosting enquiries, for law firms, marketing will tend to fall even further down the priority list. This is, of course, largely understandable. Busy caseloads won’t get done by themselves and fee-earning will always have to come first. But whilst you’re struggling to get the day’s tasks done, opportunities for growth are being missed.

For most firms, the problem lies in not knowing where to start. Though you may have heard about the benefits of videos, posting effective content and utilising social media, you might not know how to use them in a way which can deliver real results for your firm – and in turn, you’re failing to take advantage of the benefits it can offer.

Getting your marketing plan off the mark

Though starting things is never easy, the right amount of expertise can make getting off the mark that much simpler.

Our facilitated marketing workshops can provide your firm with a strategy that works for you.

Bringing together our collective experience in both the legal and marketing sectors, our team will help you establish objectives and build an effective marketing plan with a clear return on investment.

As well as building your marketing skills with the guidance of our expert professionals, this comprehensive workshop will provide you with a very clear and practical strategy which you can easily put into practice.

This year, make sure you keep your marketing resolution with the help of Solve Legal Marketing.

You can learn more about our marketing workshops by clicking here, or by contacting Karen Babington at [email protected]

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