New Practice Note – Access & Disclosure of an Incapacitated Person’s Will

Until earlier this week when, in conjunction with the SRA, Legal Services Ombudsman, OPG, Court of Protection and STEPS, the Law Society issued a Practice Note there had been no unified guidance to assist a solicitor in making a decision about whether they can or cannot disclose the will and/or codicils of an individual.

The Practice Note aims to explain and clarify when a solicitor can disclose a copy of a client’s will to a Property and Financial Affairs Attorney or Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection where a client has lost mental capacity.

Key areas discussed in the guidance include:

  • Who is your client – and so to whom do you owe a duty of care.
  • Duties of an Attorney or Deputy  and some useful case studies which demonstrate those duties.
  • Instructions at the time of making a will or LPA.
  • The original will forms part of the client’s property and should be retained by the solicitor with a copy only given to the attorney or deputy.
  • A client may give instructions for non-disclosure in which case the solicitor must honour the client’s wishes.
  • Incapacity issues.
  • Deputy / Attorney concerns.

Template letters are also included for solicitors to notify a donor that a request has been made by an attorney or a deputy for a copy of the will,  to send to a deputy with a copy of a will and also a refusal letter where a will is not being disclosed.

There is also a helpful flowchart of the steps a solicitor should take where a donor (client) has not given express prior consent to disclosure of his / her will.

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