Supermen Webinar 66: How To Select The Most Appropriate Trust For Your Clients

Part 1 of 2

All available with the Countrywide Legacy Software, but which one is right for my client?

  • Discretionary Trust
  • Life Interest Trust
  • Flexible Life Interest Trust
  • Countrywide’s ‘series of’ Discretionary Trusts that qualify for the RNRB
  • Bereaved Minor’s Trust
  • 18 – 25/Children’s Trust
  • Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust
  • Flexible Interest In Possession Trust (IIP)
  • Business/Agricultural Trusts

We will also compare and contrast setting up the above Trusts in lifetime and including them within the client’s Will.


  • Which Trust should be included in your client’s Will?
  • Which one, why and how!

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